Tourberry Surfing Best places to visit South India Discover 

5 Backpacking destinations – South India

On A Budget?? Try these places for a fun and economical holiday!! Backpacking – Fort Kochi   This small Jew town is a paradise for budget travelers. With its tasty local sea food and hostels you can have an amazing weekend with hardly any penny in your pocket. There are many home stays to choose from and most  offer food as well. Fort Kochi is popular for its music, art & the Fort Kochi Beach. This beach has a promenade where one could spend hours together . Cost per day…

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Travel with a baby Tourberry Discover 

7 must-have while traveling with your Baby

Traveling with a baby   Babies are small delicate darlings who need a lot of care, love and attention. So let’s face it – Traveling with a baby is not all that easy. But we can make our travel extremely joyful by being fully-equipped with all essential things required for their safety and comfort. The only formula to make your journey enjoyable is to be fully prepared. Planning ahead of time will help you and your baby have a  great time. That being said, packing for a trip with a…

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Tourberry RE Classic 500 Stealth Black Discover 

Royal Enfield launches Classic 500 Stealth Black – 2017

    Royal Enfield lovers, time to celebrate! The Launch   The Enfield History Royal Enfield – from Redditch to India. Designed in England during 1800’s, Enfield was a name popular in every household. From bikes to lawnmowers, Enfield had a fair share in the market. Royal Enfield bikes have seen what we have just read about- The World War! Royal Enfield proved to be tough enough to stand the road conditions during the war. Due to the strong build it took damages well. It was “A soldier’s best friend during…

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Landour Sunset Tourberry Mussoorie Landourr Discover 

Landour – “10 Things to do in Landour”

Mussoorie –  “Landour the hilltop magic” Mussoorie – Landour, I remember as a child I had read stories by Ruskin Bond and I wondered to myself, ‘where can this place be’? ‘Will it still be as magical now as it was when he wrote about it’? I imagined a fairy tale like town atop mountains lined with towering pine trees and dotted with quaint cottages. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard my friends had moved to Mussoorie! This was an opportunity I had to exploit and…

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Fishing nets Kochi Kerala Discover 

Kochi -The fishing nets of Kochi could be a trap laid by the Chinese

The fishing nets of Kochi could be a trap laid by the Chinese – Arresting beauty Fort Kochi! The Jews were here, so were the Chinese, Dutch and the British! leaving behind their culture, faith, music and architecture. This small town has been influenced by various culture and great people for centuries and the result was a society with a non-native touch in every aspect from language to cuisine.   This Fort is the keeper of fun. It’s vibrant culture, ancient structures, churches, Dutch architecture, Dutch cemetery, heritage resorts, seafood…

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Kathmandu Nepal Discover 

Kathmandu valley -A Paradise in the Himalayan hills

What to do in Kathmandu?? What to do in Kathmandu ? Does it have anything to do with what Super Deluxe, Björn Årstad and Ellen Molnia had to say in Full power? Let me try my best to tell you what could be done in Kathmandu. Kathmandu-Nepal is the world capital for adventure lovers. Nepal is where Mount Everest resides and the Everest needs no introduction. Conquering Everest was a dream, is a dream and will be a dream for millions of people now and forever. This giant is…

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Hampi India Discover 

Hampi – Our expression of love, kindness, yoga and music

Hampi – All about love, happiness and peace A marvelous place with a glorious past. Raised from stones, came to life the city of Hampi. The gem of India that had its name travel across boundaries and nations. A land known for its stone carved temples, statues, diamonds, essential oils, culture and elephants. Hampi was no stranger for travelers, poets, writers, dancers and merchants. She has her soul and heart still beating though her wealth and glory has been taken away. This is the story of the rise of the…

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Alleppey Kerala India Discover 

Alleppey – Feel the ripples of the backwaters of Kerala

Explore Allepey’s  backwaters Alleppey is often called as the “Venice of the east” and the reality is it has more to offer. A journey of about an hour and half for Kochi gets you to this experience of a lifetime called as “living on a Houseboat”. Popular for houseboat stays, Alleppey receives tourist from every part of the world to cruising the backwaters. Clicking amazing pictures in crafted houseboats is something that you will find only here. “Living on a Houseboat” Step into a houseboat of your choice. There are…

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Dance of the masked monks Discover 

Bhutan – “Top 10 places to visit in the Land of happiness”

 Bhutan – A Landlocked Kingdom in the  Eastern Himalayas Bhutan is the land where Buddhism and happiness blends in to give you the best flavor of life. To the land of the Thunder dragon, known as the Druk in Bhutanese, is where we are going. Bhutan is an experience, an experience that has to be felt. A Kingdom that discovered multiple ways to activate the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” along with its awe-inspiring monasteries and Tiger’s nest perched on the side of a mountain overlooking the Paro valley. Adorned…

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