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Royal Enfield launches Classic 500 Stealth Black – 2017

    Royal Enfield lovers, time to celebrate!

The Launch


The Enfield History

Royal Enfield – from Redditch to India. Designed in England during 1800’s, Enfield was a name popular in every household. From bikes to lawnmowers, Enfield had a fair share in the market. Royal Enfield bikes have seen what we have just read about- The World War!

England p.c wikimedia
England p.c wikimedia

Royal Enfield proved to be tough enough to stand the road conditions during the war. Due to the strong build it took damages well. It was “A soldier’s best friend during the World War ”.  Took every strike with might.

Made like a Gun p.c Wikimedia commons Royal enfield Tourberry
Made like a Gun p.c Wikimedia commons

The logo “Made like a Gun” was approved by the Queen during 1890’s. Most brands or defense wing that had to do with Britain had the prefix Royal eg Royal Indian Navy. Hence Enfield also took up the prefix Royal to carry on the tradition.


Post Indian Independence

 Tourberry RE Classic
RE Classic

Post Independence an Indian company called Madras Motors in cooperation with Royal Enfield England formed a factory to manufacture Bullets from Madras (now Chennai). This marked the beginning for Royal Enfield in India, a British baby adopted by Indians. The fan following Royal Enfield has in India and the rate at which it is growing, there is no stopping the Bull.

Tourberry Royal Enfield
Gunmetal Grey Classic 350

Royal Enfield did enjoy a premium segment bike image but has had strong competition from the Japanese, American and European bike manufacturers off late due to the rise in Indian economy and the increase in purchase power of Indians.

Royal Enfield Models

Enfield initially stopped production of many models and continued focusing on the Standard 350 model. Later came the Machismo, Lightening and Electra. Though these models were amazing they really did miss what the fans wanted and as always Royal Enfield obliged and launched the Classic 350 and 500.

Classic 500

Royal Enfield Classic rear view

The Classic 500 is a beast with a 500cc UCE fuel injection system designed in Japan. This bike is lower than the Classic 350. Can easily be converted to a single seater and is what the name says “Classic”. Classic 500 has good Torque and is a great bike for those long highway rides.


 Launch of Classic 500 Stealth Black 2017

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Stealth Black launch

Royal Enfield Classic 500 came in all colors from Black, Blue, Desert Storm, it got Redditched but never in matte black. While its sibling the Thunderbird 500, a city cruiser has matte black, Classic owners had to get custom paint their bikes.

Waiting for the launch

This is when Enfield decided to bring in the Matte Black a.k.a Stealth Black. This bike by far is the most stunning Royal Enfield Classic 500 ever. It has jaw dropping looks, for sure is a show-stealer. This baby will win many hearts, that is guaranteed. You can see it for yourself.


The RE Store

CVS Kalyan naagar Bangalore

The RE stores have changed dramatically. From a monotonous theme of the past with just few bikes to an absolutely lovely riders haven. There are many Royal Enfield merchandises including T-shirts, caps, boots and anything that accompanies a rider in his journey is available at the store. Also a nice lounge to sit around if you have time and many bike experts to assist you with your trips and always ready to share their travelstory.

Thanks to CVS Motors Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore for Inviting us over for the launch!

CVS Motors Tourberry
RE Merchandise
RE T-Shirts CVS motors Tourberry
RE T-Shirts
CVS Motors Tourberr Royal Enfield
Never ride without one..

Before the Launch

CVS Motors
Small celebration to welcome the beast

Waiting to unveil this beauty. There wasn’t much of a hoo-haa, the launch was celebrated with few hardcore RE fans and riders who now are more like a family. Waiting around for the launch, everyone had their eye on the Bhutan ride that is taking place in October 2017 for long 12 days. From our experience in travelling to various mountains and valleys of Bhutan we will recommend this ride. It will definitely be a ride of a lifetime.

Trips CVS Motors Tourberry

Click to check our travelstory about a journey to Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Eastern Himalays - Bhutan
Eastern Himalays – Bhutan

The Launch

CVS motors
We did skip a beat
CSV Motors
Classic 500

The bike was unveiled after a small cake cutting and the minute the screens fell people started booking this black beauty. Hard to see that in many launches. This bike sure is irresistible.


        Design and new feature

Royal Enfield CVS motors
Some new features
Royal Enfield CVS motors
RE Classic 500
CSV motors
RE 500 Stealth Black
CSV motors
Rear Disk Breaks
CVS motors
Seats are similar to other Classic 500s

The design remains the same. There are not much of functional changes from other classics. The new color is the highlight. This Classic 500 gets a matte black silencer as well. An additional feature that sets this bike apart from the other Classic 500’s is the rear disk break. Though this has led to an increase in cost, addition of rear disk brake is a blessing. Most bikes at the same pricing comes with way more features than the RE offers, this change is much appreciated. Riders sure will feel safer with this add-on.

Front disks Royal Enfield CVS motors
Front disk


Booking & Delivery

The bookings have begun and the delivery can be expected by November end 2017 as per the showroom.

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