Fishing nets Kochi Kerala Discover 

Kochi -The fishing nets of Kochi could be a trap laid by the Chinese

The fishing nets of Kochi could be a trap laid by the Chinese – Arresting beauty Fort Kochi! The Jews were here, so were the Chinese, Dutch and the British! leaving behind their culture, faith, music and architecture. This small town has been influenced by various culture and great people for centuries and the result was a society with a non-native touch in every aspect from language to cuisine.   This Fort is the keeper of fun. It’s vibrant culture, ancient structures, churches, Dutch architecture, Dutch cemetery, heritage resorts, seafood…

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Alleppey Kerala India Discover 

Alleppey – Feel the ripples of the backwaters of Kerala

Explore Allepey’s  backwaters Alleppey is often called as the “Venice of the east” and the reality is it has more to offer. A journey of about an hour and half for Kochi gets you to this experience of a lifetime called as “living on a Houseboat”. Popular for houseboat stays, Alleppey receives tourist from every part of the world to cruising the backwaters. Clicking amazing pictures in crafted houseboats is something that you will find only here. “Living on a Houseboat” Step into a houseboat of your choice. There are…

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