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7 must-have while traveling with your Baby

Traveling with a baby

Traveling with Baby Tourberry


Babies are small delicate darlings who need a lot of care, love and attention. So let’s face it – Traveling with a baby is not all that easy. But we can make our travel extremely joyful by being fully-equipped with all essential things required for their safety and comfort.

The only formula to make your journey enjoyable is to be fully prepared. Planning ahead of time will help you and your baby have a  great time. That being said, packing for a trip with a baby is a task. The little travelers need a startling amount of stuff, from diapers, baby food, toys, wipes and many more. Nevertheless, do not let all these stop you from travel ling.


So here is a checklist that makes traveling with a baby hassle-free.



Traveling with Baby Tourberry


A small pack would be sufficient to make sure the baby has enough while on plane. En route and for the first day of the trip. Carrying wet wipes along with diapers will be a good idea.


Baby Stroller

Traveling with Baby Tourberry


Carrying a baby stroller will be a great idea since it will help you move around freely. A lightweight  tough baby stroller that can be easily foldable is the best option. However, some airports do not allow carrying Baby strollers. So please check with your respective airlines in advance. I personally prefer a baby carrier since it is convenient and keeps my baby close to me in crowded places.


Baby essentials

Traveling with Baby Tourberry


Do not forget to keep products like Rash cream – very important, moisturizer, tissues, soap and sanitizer. These product help in keeping the baby fresh, clean and away from bacterial & fungal infections.

Baby Food

Traveling with Baby Tourberry


Store baby food in safe leak-proof containers. Carry food that can be prepared instantly. I personally prefer powdered food that can be made porridge by adding hot water.


Traveling with Baby Tourberry


Bring a couple of them. You might need then to lay your baby on while diaper change, etc. Cover you  baby , cover yourself while nursing if needed, protect you baby from sunlight & wind. Also it could save you from messy burps.


Do not forget to carry few toys, this for sure will keep them occupied and happy. Most importantly the provide a sense of comfort for the little darling while traveling.


Traveling with Baby Tourberry


Medicines vary in different countries hence it is a good idea to carry your little ones prescribed medicines. Since babies tend to fall sick due to change in climate it is a good idea to carry Paracetamol drops for infants, saline nasal spray, band-aids & cotton swabs. I have them in my bag all the time. Do pack them in a reusable airtight pack.

Some tips for traveling with a Darling Angel

  • Start packing early
  • Pack medicines and toiletries in airtight packs
  • Pack baby’s clothes by assorting them.
  • Make sure to carry 2 outfits for the baby and yourself in thee carry bag, in case of leaky diapers
  • Most important, have your Paediatricians phone number handy and also do keep the doctor informed about your trip in advance


Happy Traveling 🙂

Travel story by Jincy John

Jincy John Travel with Baby Tourberry






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